Food and beverage

Food and beverage

Bransje-ERP for næringsmiddel, tilpasset dagens krav og skreddersydd for dine oppgaver.

Key challenges and solution

Increasing competition, demands from the authorities and consumers, industry standards, as well as stricter requirements from the large grocery chains present major challenges to the IT systems of food companies.

More and more information flow and flow of goods is assumed to take place more or less automatically in order for all links in the chain to be able to meet the high requirements and at the same time be profitable. The large customers demand this, and the suppliers become dependent on automation and structure in order to be profitable under these strict framework conditions.

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Everything you need, in an ERP solution for food

Our industry solution is designed to provide efficiency and data quality at all levels. We have a vision to create the most automatic, coherent data flow possible in the entire customer's business, towards the customer and suppliers. 

In addition to delivering a complete system, we have consultants with extensive experience and industry knowledge, who can assist with further adaptations, implementation and advice for your company in the food industry.

Receive orders from customers via EDI or let customers place their orders in the WEB portal.

Prices and discounts are easily maintained in central registers, so that customers are invoiced for the correct price at all times.

Modern warehousing solution that provides efficient picking, packing and counting routines based on digital processes.

  • Several expedition and storage locations
  • Riktig rullering av lager – FIFO/FEFO 
  • Automatic generation and transfer of delivery note and shipping documents to recipient
  • Clear stock of raw materials, finished goods and packaging

Generate purchase proposals and orders for raw materials, merchandise or packaging and send them efficiently to your suppliers via EDI or PDF.

  • Control over expected and actually received volume
  • Always an overview of what is in order at some point and what is available in stock
  • Easy access to historic purchases

visma partner

WLCOM delivers modern and user-friendly finance / HR systems from Visma, as part of WLCOM's industry solution.

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Satisfy the food chains' requirements in relation to labeling in accordance with standards that apply and are being developed.

  • Consumer packaging
  • Distribution packing
  • Pallet
  • Transport
  • Product
  • Shelf edge

Detailed data capture in the processes such as raw material receipt, production and dispatch provides a basis for fast and efficient tracking both ways in the logistics chain.

  • Digital tracking according to requirements of the Food Act
  • «Surgical recall»
  • Flexible document archive provides opportunities for personal adaptations
  • Increased efficiency and profitability at all levels

Keep track of dialogues and activities with customers. Save quotes, agreements, contracts and working documents in CRM. Create a good and efficient dialogue between customer and organization with customer information, always easily accessible.

System support for the entire production process, from prescription, to pre-packaged and labeled product.

  • Accurate calculation of production and packaging costs 
  • Marking of both Consumer packaging (F-PAK), Distribution packaging (D-PAK) and Pallet (T-PAK)

Get an overview with user-friendly reports and a clear Dashboard. You can choose from a large selection of std. reports or customize reports according to separate criteria from the entire system.

  • Pivot functionality
  • Design screens for effective decision support

With advanced EDI, the solution ensures efficient communication with the grocery industry.

  • Order confirmation, full and light.
  • Invoice
  • Packing slip, level 3 and 4.
  • Complaint
  • Purchasing

Effective communication with grocery shopping

In close collaboration with GS1 follows the software for Norwegian and international standards for tracking and recall in the food industry. With our food solution, you are ready to meet all requirements for electronic communication

Integrasjon mot EPD og Mediastore

With an integration with EPD and Mediastore er det slutt på tidkrevende dobbeltregistreringer av endringer eller nye produkter. Alle endringer hentes fra EPD til ERP-løsningen med et enkelt tastetrykk.

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Mattrygghet = sporbarhet

Hvordan kan du sikre deg mot det uforutsette, samtidig som du oppfyller forbrukernes forventninger til trygge produkter? Vi ser på hvilke muligheter digitalisering av sporingsdata kan gi din bedrift.


24. mars

Grunndata – fundamentet for din bedrifts eksistens og videre vekst

GS1 Norway og WLCOM AS inviterer til webinar for bedrifter innen næringsmiddelindustrien, om viktigheten av gode grunndata og unik produktidentifikasjon.

From raw material to finished product

To meet the ever-increasing requirements and expectations placed on IT solutions, your business depends on a strategic partner who is close to the industry. WLCOM delivers flexible solutions built to meet the challenges of the food industry.

Follow the product's development from a raw material stage, to a pre-packaged product, delivered to the customer. When you choose a transition from many independent solutions, to one complete business system, you ensure:

Financial control

Automatic data capture from the entire value chain ensures you quality and accuracy in budgeting, forecasting and planning of the entire business.

Capable of delivery

With all your business processes, from production support, order handling and transport, gathered in one solution, you ensure a high degree of delivery capability.

Quality at all levels

Ensure quality and control over your goods with automatic registration of processes and data in one complete business system.

What do our customers say?

Sørland Chips
Synnøve Finden
«In our industry, we need IT solutions that ensure our delivery capability from product tracking to proper invoicing. WLCOM industry solutions are adapted to our needs and give us a simpler everyday life in a demanding and constantly changing market. "
Liv Brekkenes
CIO - Scandza AS
«As Norway's foremost organic dairy, we were looking for a solution that could help us with both current and not least future needs in the logistics area. Through the collaboration with WLCOM, we have a partner who is with us and solves the challenges we face as we expand and develop. "
Trond Vilhelm Lund
Dairy manager - Rørosmeieriet
Roar Stang Kjøtt
"We chose to use Online Control when we expanded and built a new factory to get a solution we could grow and develop with."
Paal Stang
General Manager - Roar Stang Kjøtt

Why choose WLCOM?

WLCOM AS sitt fokus siden 1992 er å levere gode bransjeløsninger med reell verdi for industriell produksjon, næringsmiddelindustrien, avfall og gjenvinning og asfalt, pukk og grus (APG). 

WLCOM has a large customer portfolio consisting of reputable companies both locally, regionally and in the Nordic market.

Why choose an industry solution?

With an industry solution, you get a proven solution, adapted to today's requirements from national authorities and the EU, tailored to your tasks.

Designed to meet the needs of businesses in the same industry with a comprehensive solution from the same supplier.

How do we work?

In a close dialogue with our customers, we are always looking for new digital solutions for the APG industry. Our industry consultants possess complementary expertise, a proven project methodology and a strong focus on profit realization. We feel this is the recipe for success, together with our customers.

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What do you get in a free counseling class?

  • 20 min analysis of your needs
  • 30 min presentation of the industry solution
  • 10 min on the plan further